Black Sorority Challenges and Successes: Dr. Crystal deGregory, Fisk '03 #BlackGreekSuccess

Black Greek Success

Crystal deGregory Headshot 2012HBCUstory founder and executive editor Dr. Crystal deGregory (@HBCUstorian) joined Black Greek Success Chat on February 11 to discuss her blog, “Five Challenges Black Sororities Must Address in 2014” written for HBCU Lifestyle. The chat took place 5:30-6:30 p.m., central time, on  Twitter and Facebook.

@EddieFrancis: In your @HBCU_Lifestyle piece you mention that black sororities must share their narratives..

@EddieFrancis: Q1. Give three examples of ways you have seen black sorority women effectively share their narratives.

@HBCUstorian: Q1. The most obvious way to share your narrative is to talk about what you have done & are doing.

@HBCUstorian: Q1. Don’t assume everyone knows the greatness of your sorority. Wear your letters when you are doing great things.

@HBCUstorian: Q1. Which brings me to the best way…you! What you say and do becomes your sorority’s story. Be great!

@EddieFrancis: Q2. What does it personally do to you when you hear our Black Greek women publicly trash each other?

@HBCUstorian: Q2. I hate nothing more than to hear sorority women trash each other. I mean be real, everyone can’t be in your sorority.

Q2. Playfulness can cross a line…Calling a woman out of her name because she wears different symbols…STUPID.

@EddieFrancis: @HBCUstorian so there’s a reason a Delta is a Delta, an AKA an AKA, a Zeta a Zeta & a Rho a Rho. Different personalities.

@HBCUstorian: @eddiefrancis Maybe, maybe not. Regardless, it’s stupid. Everyone can’t be in your sorority…so let them do them.

@EddieFrancis: Q3. You call some of our sorority women out for being “mannish”. How can women be women & be powerful?

@HBCUstorian: Q3. “Mannishness” for me, is about the violence that’s associated with being “hard.”

@HBCUstorian: Q3. It seems like the “harder” sorority culture gets, the more violent it becomes.

@HBCUstorian: Q3. Our founders managed to be powerful women…a century later we’re trying to be something else…like what?

@HBCUstorian: You gotta love the #DST Founders. Joined #AKA and turned it upside down & inside out! LOL! #Fortitude #DST101 

@EddieFrancis: And @HBCUstorian means that in the most loving way. 🙂

@EddieFrancis: @HBCUstorian Some folks may not be familiar w/ the violence you’re talking about. Sorority FIGHTS? Please say no.

@HBCUstorian: @eddiefrancis Sorority bickering, name-calling, fights, hazing…being “hard” is in every bad habit on the rise.

@EddieFrancis: @HBCUstorian No bueno. *trying to imagine hearing a story about my grandmama getting clocked* SMH On to Q4…

@EddieFrancis: Q4. You point out Phylicia Rashad (#AKA) as a Black Greek woman who exemplifies the opposite of pop culture images…

@EddieFrancis: Q4. …Give us examples of other Black Greek women who come to mind.

@HBCUstorian: Positive #BGLO women | Johnnetta Cole, Mary Frances Berry, Julianne Malveaux, Joycelyn Elders, Regina Benjamin #DST101

@HBCUstorian: Positive #BGLO women | Maya Angelou, Alice Walker, Sheila Jackson-Lee, C. Vivian Stringer, Bernice King, Alicia Keys #AKA

@HBCUstorian: Positive #BGLO women | Zora Neale Hurston, @sherylunderwood, Syleena Johnson, Patti LaBelle, Esther Rolle #ZPB

@HBCUstorian: Positive #BGLO women | Kelly Price, MC Lyte, Victoria Rowell, Hattie McDaniel, Vanessa Bell Armstrong #SGRho

@EddieFrancis: As another nod to #DST, one my inspirations for public speaking was Barbara Jordan. 🙂

@HBCUstorian: Now @eddiefrancis, I can name outstanding #DST women for ever & ever! Shout out to THE @PresGBoyd! #DST101 #HBCUstory

@EddieFrancis: @HBCUstorian I hope so! LOL And congrats on your new post, @PresGBoyd!

@EddieFrancis: Q5. How do we help folks understand that even IF they get away w/ hazing, it doesn’t mean “better” members?

@HBCUstorian: Q5. I really can’t with hazing… If I have to tell you what’s wrong w/ being abused, you need more help than I can give.

@EddieFrancis: @HBCUstorian I have one better. If #hazing were the answer over 90% of us would be financial AND active…

@EddieFrancis: @HBCUstorian …AND #BGLOs would have NO financial issues. #hazing

@HBCUstorian: Q5. The problem is that people want a “process” …I get it. What that process “looks like” is what we need to get right.

@HBCUstorian: Q5. Group traditions are all around us/basic anthropology. The challenge is defining a tradition, secret in nature.

@HBCUstorian: Hazing is just one example of poor uses of power. #BGLOs aren’t unique in their shortcomings. Still, we need a healing!

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