WE REMEMBER | Television News Anchor James “Jim” Vance III, Cheyney ’65

In a city of news junkies and scores of high-profile figures in politics and the media, the most-watched journalist in Washington may well have been Jim Vance. For more than 45 years at WRC-TV (Channel 4), he was the region’s longest-serving television news anchor. He presided over the area’s top-rated newscasts and became a public figure in his own right. He gained broad sympathy for his openness about his struggles with drugs and depression.

Mr. Vance, who was 75, died July 22. The death was announced by WRC-TV, where had worked since 1969, but no further details were provided. He announced his diagnosis with cancer earlier this year.

Mr. Vance thought he would follow his grandfather into the plumbing business, but his family encouraged him to attend college. He graduated in 1965 from what is now Cheyney University of Pennsylvania, where one of his friends was Ed Bradley, who later worked at CBS and became a longtime correspondent for “60 Minutes.”

After Bradley’s death in 2006, Mr. Vance began to wear a gold hoop earring, as Bradley had done.

H/T The Washington Post