Plans Underway For Second Annual HBCUSTORY Symposium in 2014


Crystal A. deGregory, Ph.D.

Executive Editor



Plans Underway For Second Annual HBCUSTORY Symposium in 2014

NASHVILLE, TN: April 30—Following the success of the inaugural HBCUSTORY Symposium, Founder and Executive Editor Crystal A. deGregory says plans are already underway for next year’s event to attract more research and examples of HBCU excellence in 2014.

“Next year’s Symposium promises to be an even bigger and better success,” said Dr. deGregory. “We will have the capacity to host even more attendees as well as showcase the research of many more presenters who represent the very best of the HBCU community. HBCUSTORY’s volunteer staff is already feverishly working towards this goal each and every day.”

More than 500 presenters and guests from HBCU communities nationwide gathered in Nashville or watched the streaming broadcast of the Symposium. A collection of scholarly research and case studies outlining the historic and contemporary value of historically black colleges and universities, the symposium was the first conference of its kind to convene expert voices in areas of history, information science, fundraising, partnerships, LBGTQ studies, athletics and wellness.

“While I certainly don’t consider myself a woman of the cloth, I can proudly say that the approximately 100+ attendees of the inaugural HBCUSTORY Symposium braved torrential rain and a number of flash flood warnings to support our efforts,” said Dr. deGregory. “Many of them were reticent to leave after our dismissal even though the library announced several times that it was reaching the end of its day. It still feels like it was all a dream! I cannot put into words what I feel in at this moment.”

Paul Quinn President Michael Sorrell Esq. was the keynote speaker for the event and was the recipient of the Storyteller of the Year Legend Award. A fourth generation Fiskite, legendary Fisk Special Collections Librarian the late Beth Madison Howse was posthumously awarded the Storyteller of the Year Legacy Award.

Hosted by the Main Branch of the Nashville Public Library, the Symposium was sponsored by the Nashville Public Library Foundation, Paul Quinn College, HBCU Digest, The HBCU Nation and Living Your Best Life Radio and several Nashville based businesses and organizations.

Founded in 2012, HBCUSTORY, Inc. is a nonprofit advocacy initiative, preserving, presenting and promoting inspiring stories of the Historically Black College and University (HBCU) community’s past and present, for our future. Every day, the HBCU community is writing the HBCUSTORY. We, as believers in the mission and vision of HBCUs, must leverage our HBCU stories as compelling evidence for the future of these educational, cultural and social treasures. At HBCUSTORY, we’re making memories matter.


  1. If possible I would like to help out with next years event. Sorry I could not make this years event as I was double booked all day. Please let me know how to get more involved.