HBCU Storyteller Spotlight: Felicia White, Philander Smith '11

HBCU Storyteller Spotlight

Philander Smith College alumna Felicia White, ’11, salutes former president, Dr. Walter Kimbrough on Facebook.

Dr. Walter M. Kimbrough was the BEST college president that I could have asked for while I was attending Philander Smith. While most people don’t even know their deans and presidents, he made a point to get to know his students by teaching freshman orientation, taking groups out to lunch, and having an open door policy that allowed students to come directly to him with thoughts and concerns. It was such a privilege getting to know him and his awesome family. I got to be second in command for a renowned lecture series and came out of my shell a lot through that experience. He had such a positive impact on many of the students as well as the campus as a whole. We need more leaders who are willing to be hands on and inspire/encourage the next generation because that is what will make the future of the black community bright. I’m so grateful that my matriculation was during his administration. And hopefully Dillard University appreciates the great leader they have.

Felicia White and Walter Kimbrough