Best Places To Buy Cheap Workout Clothes

-The following feature was published July 25, 2012 on

A friend once shared she doesn’t like to exercise unless she has cute workout clothes. Many others have also shared cute-flattering-feminine exercise gear motivates them to workout.

The clothing industry has taken note. I’ve seen workout pants in stores like Lucy and Lulemon for $40-$60. I am not frugal, I’m cheap. I think that’s way too much to pay for clothes used for sweat and funk.

Here’s a list of my favorite stores to find bargain workout gear:

ROSS – This is my fave! I’ve found Nike, Reebok and no-name sports bras and yoga pants for $3-$7 among regular and clearance merchandise. I know, I know clothes and sizes in these stores are never organized and the aisles are small. Go on a weekday morning while the rest of the world is at work. Most items are freshly stocked and new merchandise tends to arrive Tuesday through Thursday.

Walmart – Walmart’s items are the cheapest on the block. Walmart also carries fitness clothes in plus-sizes. However in terms of colors and cool designs, Walmart is limited.

Old Navy – You can find reasonably priced fitness clothes primarily on the clearance racks; some on the regular racks.

Target – Target has lots of fitness clothes with bright and tropical colors. Many of their fitness items have built-in bra and belly support. Also, while at Target you can pick-up toilet paper, dish detergent and anything else you may need around the house!

TJ Maxx/Marshall’s – Proceed with caution. When it comes to both regular clothes and fitness clothes, TJ Maxx and Marshall’s prices have seen a slight increase. Maybe they needed to up the ante on their prices to pay for all of those Maxxinista commercials. Here and there I’ve found name brand fitness gear for good prices, but not lately.

Department Stores – Don’t sleep on department stores’ clearance racks. Yes, even for fitness gear! Also, keep in mind many department stores such as Bloomingdales, Macy’s and Lord & Taylor offer discount coupons in local newspapers, online or if you’re a credit card holder. A coupon combined with an item that’s already marked down can produce a serious deal!

Caroline Jhingory is a 2003 graduate of Fisk University. Eight years ago, at 5’2″ and 300lbs, Caroline decided she was tired of being overweight. Today, Caroline is 150lbs lighter and has maintained her weight without the help of fad diet or gastric bypass. She attributes her success to faith, determination, patience– and a treadmill. To learn more about Caroline, visit her website , find her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.