HBCU Storyteller Spotlight | Bill Cosby on Ennis + Morehouse College

HBCU Storyteller Spotlight

Bill Cosby shares the HBCUstory of his late son Ennis Cosby at Morehouse on the Arsenio Hall Show.

A 1992 graduate of Morehouse College, Ennis Cosby would often say “Hello, friend,” a term his father, comedian, actor and philanthropist Bill Cosby would later adopt. By the time of his murder in 1997, Cosby had earned a master’s degree in education from Columbia University and was pursuing his doctorate at the school’s Teachers College.

I want you to go to Morehouse son, because I went to a Morehouse vs. Howard football game. The football wasn’t great. But to be around all these black people, and some whites, and the women with the chrysanthemum [corsages] and their husbands… [I realized] he would have a friend forever.

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Bill Cosby